“A Cozy Corner RV Lodge” is a “sister” property of the Forest Grove Mobile Home Park (FGMHP) which is located on Lewis Turner Boulevard, Fort Walton Beach, FL, previously known as the Beal Street Extension.

FGMHP has been in business since 1951 when it was developed and operated as a family mobile home park by Ed and Hazel Light, long-time Fort Walton Beach, FL residents. It was and is a popular residential site for military families as well as other families living and working in the Fort Walton Beach area.

Ed and Hazel and their children resided on Hurlburt Road for many years and owned the present site of “A Cozy Corner RV Lodge”- it was their horse pasture. Development of the RV park on Hurlburt Road was started by Hazel Light and the Light siblings in 2017 and is scheduled to open in the summer or fall of 2019.

Development of the RV Lodge grew out of the burgeoning need for RV sites in the Fort Walton Beach area as the popularity of RV travel reached new proportions. The family is excited about this new enterprise and about continuing their business involvement in the Fort Walton Beach Community.